Co-curricular Activities

Dussehra, the celebration of good over evil is celebrated in Vision Valley with a lot of love every year. Keeping up with the tradition, the students of classes 6 to 8 presented Ramleela this year. The young students enacted scenes from Ramleela with immense ease and confidence. The Chaupais sung by them further added to the devotional mood of the day. Their heart touching performance mesmerized everyone.

SETU (2023-24)

Vision Valley added yet another feather to the cap!! We are proud to announce that our students had participated in the Interschool SETU Annual Conclave. This year’s topic “Exploring Water-From Survey To Solutions”.

Our students bagged the first prize in the IX to XII category and second prize in the VI to VIII category.


Music is the strongest form of magic. The young musicians of Vision Valley know how to enchant its audiences with its mesmerizing performances. This year’s theme for Inter-house Group Singing was Khayal (ख़याल / خیال) gayaki which literally means imagination. It is a major form of Hindustani Classical music. In khayal, the ragas are extensively ornamented, but the students didi a splendid job in executing it. In the duet category, the young singers enchanted the audience with soul steering RD Burman songs.


Fancy dress allows children to dream, hope, and use their imagination. It gives them the freedom to pretend to be someone or something different and extraordinary that reflects their personality and interests. A Fancy dress competition was held in school for classes I & II, which gave wings to the imagination of the children. Here is a glimpse.


May Lord Krishna fills your and your loved one's lives with love, joy, tranquillity and prosperity. Have a joyous Janmashtami. Here is a glimpse of the beautiful Janmasthami Celebration by classes I &II.

All India Drawing, Handwriting & Essay Writing Competition (2022-23)

We are proud to share the list of winners of All India Drawing, Handwriting & Essay Writing Competition (2022-23), organised by All India Citizens Development Centre.

Kala Ratna Award 2022 (Drawing) 1) Sanskriti Shakya (VII)
2) Neelima (X)
Kala Shri Award 2022 (Handwriting) 1) Netra Kapoor (VII)
Vidya Bhushan Award 2022 (Essay) 1) Sanskriti Shakya (VII)
Best Teacher Award 2022 1) Sanskriti Shakya (VII)


Music binds our soul, hearts and emotions. It cheers the spirit and lightens the heart. To bring out the talent of upcoming singers an Inter House Singing Competition was organised on 14th August 2019. In Group Singing, presenting the theme of Bengali Music all the four houses put forth their enthralling performances to adjudge. In individual category the young maestros competed on the theme of devotional songs. In Group Singing category Ganga house emerged as a winner followed by Godavari.

In individual category Godavari House participant Daksh Lohani took the pride of being the winner followed by Narmada and Ganga House.


Dussehra is celebrated in our school with much funfair every year. This year the students of classes VI, VII & VIII mesmerized everyone with their beautiful performances in the Ramleela. On this occasion a huge effigy of Ravana was also burned.

Diwaii Rangoli
Inter-house Rangoli Competition

Rangoli Competition brings forward the best usual creativity & talent of our students. The young artists displayed exceptional talent & team work to creat beautiful masterpiece. The neck to neck competition saw. Narmada house as the winner, while Cauveri & Ganga houses stood IInd & IIIrd respectively.

Special Assembly on Eid

To mark the auspicious occasion of Eid, the students of class I, II & III performed a beautiful dance during school assembly. Dressed in colourful traditional other the young students mesmerized everyone with a heart touching Eid song.


Harela, the much loved festival of Uttarakhand was celebrated in school on 12th July. Harela marks the celebration of greenery and prosperity. The students of class IX & XI performed a mesmerizing folk dance on foot tapping Pahadi song.

Inter-house Elocution Competiton

On 19th & 20th July, Inter-house elocution competition brought forward the oratory skills of the students. The students from classes I to VIII showcased their talents through beautiful poems of different genre in both Hindi & English languages.

Inter-house Extrempe Competition

On 19th & 20th July, the Inter-house Extrempe Competition showcased the quick thinking and knowledge of the students of classes IX-XII. They spoke on various topics ranging from social, cultural to political, which were given to them on the spot.

State Level Dance Competition

Ashmeet Kaur of clas IX was the proud winner of State Level Dance Competition organised by Confluence World School, Rurdrapur on 11th June 2019.

Inter-House Quiz Competition

To engage & enlighten the students an Inter house quiz competition was held in the school on 27th April’ 2019. Various interesting & challenging rounds were a part of the competition. Tricky & intellectual questions drilled the minds of participants but at the same time each house tried well & answered skillfully. The participants as well as audience enjoyed thoroughly. The evolving curious minds that emerged as winners were the students of GANGA house followed by NARMADA & GODAVARI.

Pool Splash Party

The students of classes I to V had fun filled pool party to beat the summer heat. The children danced to lively music & had lots of fun.

Free Dental Health Check Up

A free dental health check up was conducted by Ujala Hospital from 14th to 16 th May for classes I to V at the school premises.

Inter-house dance competition

An Inter-house group dance competition was organised in the school on 04-May-2019. All the four houses performed with great zeal & enthusiasm. With their moves & shakes students set the stage on fire at the same time conveyed the message to the society to bring in change & support women empowerment. All the houses surprised the judges with their spell binding contemporary dance style. Ganga house bagged first position with its impressive & vibrant dance performance followed by Cauveri & Godavari on the second & third position.

Honorable Chairperson Mrs. Vatsala Gupta along with Principal Mrs. Rao congratulated the winners and also encouraged the students to participate in such competitions to enhance their skills.

Earth Day

The tiny tots of kindergarten celebrated World Earth Day with a lot of enthusiasm. On this occasion they young learners made various crafts, the role play and went around the school with ply cards urging the seniors to ‘Go Green’ and ‘Save Earth’.

Students were mesmerized by her performance and also had an interactive session with her.


To imbibe the values of our rich culture among the students, SPICMACAY organised a wonderful cultural performance wherein the Honourable Padma Shri Ms. Shovana Narayan Ji graceful presented Kathak Dance. A Ex-Civil service officer and kathak maestro, is also the Creative Director-Choreographer of several International Events. She has also been conferred with Sangeet Natak Akademi Award as well.

Students were mesmerized by her performance and also had an interactive session with her.

Dancing Star

Advaita Singh of Class VIII was awarded the ‘Best Performer Trophy’ for her dance with hupla loop which she performed at ‘Mr. and Miss Uttarakhand Super Model 2K19’ held at Haldwani.

Special Assembly On Christmas

On the auspicious day of Christmas a beautiful show was put up by the students of class VI & VII. The students of our school enjoyed carols performed by the students. A musical play depicting the events of life of Jesus & his teachings was performed by the students along with a joyful dance which made everyone tap their feet.

A Journey called Life

The school took the shape of an aeroplane and class XI crew eagerly awaited their passengers to take the flight down memory lane. An ever enthusiastic class XI bid a warm good-bye to their seniors amidst the chin on 24th December, 2018. The program began with a beautiful medley and an audio visual presentation which left everyone teary-eyed. Various fun-filled games & performances were the beautiful highlights. Vibhor Arora and Nishika Jain were honored by the titles of Mr. and Ms. Vision Valley 2018 respectively. The class XII went on their further journey with a suitcase full of blessings from Vision Valley School.

Splash National Drawing Competition

A “Splash National Drawing Competition” was held in School on 15th Dec’18 which was organized by the Art Society of India in collaboration with Axis Bank. 30 students between age group 7 years to 14 years took part in this competition. The theme for the Juniors (7-12 Yrs) was “The Magical Piggy Bank” or “Go Green”.
Seniors painted on the theme of “A Step Towards Environment” or “My Idea of Education for all”.


The victory of good over evil was celebrated with great excitement and happiness in the school. The students of classes I and II presented wonderful ‘Ramlila’. The effigy of Ravana was burnt. All the students participated enthusiastically in the celebration.

Plantation & Cleanliness

Gandhi Jayanti was celebrated at Vision Valley School to mark the 149th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi. Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan drive was organized in the school premises, wherein the students volunteered for a cleaning drive. The picked up litter and put it in the bins that were segregated as degradable and biodegradable.

Interhouse Dancing Competition

Another much awaited event of the school is the Inter-house Dance Competition. This year’s theme ‘Patriotism’ was beautifully portrayed through various dance forms by the students of classes VI to VIII. The students showcased their loved for the nation through interesting dance performances. From fusion to hip-hop all dance forms could be seen in the various acts.

Interhouse Singing Competition

Interhouse Singing Competition is a much loved event in the school. This year’s theme was Sufiyana music for group events & the maestro A. R. Rehman’s melodies for individual performances. The beautiful soul steering song’s filled the auditorium with heart- warming music. The renowned musician Sanjay Rikhari appreciated all the performances.


Creativity week was held for classes I and II between 4th to 8th of September, 2018. The Junior most section gets a chance to showcase their talent in various fields. Solo dance competition was a treat to the eye. Creative Talent was also visible in the Jumble Junk Competition. The tiny creators made Photo frame, Pen holder, Piggy bank, Wind chimes out of waste. Students dressed up as Mother India, Mahatma Gandhi and also conveyed the benefits of exercise as Yog guru. The talented singers were no less and enchanted the audience with their melodious voice and beautiful songs.

Star War 3

Star War 3 was organized by New R Galaxy Dance Academy where in hundreds of participants from Kashipur, Jaspur, Pantnagar, Rudrapur etc. had participated in Singing, Dancing & Modelling competition.
Advaita Singh Rathore of VIII-A of Vision Valley School put herself at the top in Modelling competition and received a Gold Medal, a trophy & a certificate. She was the youngest in the group.

Children’s Day Celebration

Children’s day was a fun-filled affair ! The teachers put up a variety of stage performances for the event. Beginning with a special assembly, it was followed by a drama, songs and dances. The children also enjoyed a movie in the auditorium. Refreshments were also given to the students.


The Students and the teachers participated in the grand event PANORAMA organized by DPS, Kalyanpur, Kanpur, from 12-Oct to 13-Oct-2018. They performed to their full potential and bagged the first position in both “Rangmanch” (Dance Competition) as well as “The Guru-Shishya in Harmony” – Fun n Frolic Competition. They also won the title of TRENDSETTERS for their Nukkad Natak..

Dussehra Celebration

Dussehra was celebrated in school on 7th and 8th October 2016 with great enthusiasm along with a brief Ramlila followed by burning of Effigy of Ravana. The students of the pre primary section dressed up as different characters from the Ramayan looked adorable. The students rejoiced as the Ramlila culminated into Ram-Ravan Yudh and marked the victory of good over evil.

Special Assembly-Navratri Special (Durga Pooja)

A special assembly on the occasion of Navratri was conducted in school on 3rd October 2016. The students of classes 4 and 5 showcased the Durga Pooja from Bengal through their graceful dance presentation. The striking backdrop consisting of the larger than life image of Goddess Durga created by the arts department added special fervour to the show. The students were informed about the ritualistic importance of Durga Pooja through the assembly.

Teacher's Day

Teachers’ Day celebration was held in school on 5th September 2016. The students of senior school put up an entertaining performance and honoured the teachers with the priceless gift of love and little moments.

Special Assembly-Krishna Janmashtami

A special Assembly on the occasion of Janmashtami was organized on 30th August 2016. Students of classes I, II and III recreated the spirit of Gokul with their beautiful dance presentation which was complete with the Krishna Leela and Dahi Handi.

Inter House Group Dance Competitiion

The school adorned a patriotic fervor for the Independence Day celebration on 15th August 2016. The Principal Mrs. J. Rao unfurled the tricolor and addressed the students on the occasion urging them to understand the value of freedom in a new perspective and to strive to free the nation of the prevailing ills such as filth, pollution etc. The event was also marked by the inter house dance competition. The rich cultural heritage of India was showcased through the various folk dance presentations. Cauveri house secured the first position with their enchanting Lavni from Maharashtra while the mystic and melodious Bihu, rhythmic Garba and the graceful classical dance also received a huge applause.

Inter House Quiz Competition

Inter House Quiz Competition was conducted on 3rd May 2016. The respective teams from the four Houses Ganga, Godavari, Cauveri & Narmada were put through extensive brainstorming during the numerous rounds which also included buzzer rounds, rapid fire as well as a visual round. Ganga House emerged as the Winner.

Inter House Solo & Group Singing Competition

Inter House Solo & Group Singing Competition was conducted on 7th May 2016. Melody was in the air as the contestants from all the four houses competed in the junior as well as senior categories. Among the Solo singers Britideepa Chakraborty from Cauveri House stood first in the junior category while Adamya Johri also from Cauveri House stood first in the senior category. Ganga House secured the first position in the Group Singing Competition. Cauveri House lifted the trophy as they won the Singing Championship.