Updated on: 26-Jan-2019

Student Council (2019-20)

Left to Right: Kartik Joshi (Sports Captain), Dhairya Lohni (School Captain / Ganga House Captain), Riya Goel ( Cauveri House Captain), Yashleen Kaur (Godavari House Captain) & Siddarth Beniwal (Narmada House Captain) Left to Right: Rakshit P Singh (Godavari House Prefect), Anshul Gupta (Godavari House Prefect), Sanjhali Parmar (Narmada House Prefect), Sanskriti Gupta (Narmada House Prefect), Samanshi Rohilla ( Ganga House Prefect), Anika Mittal (Ganga House Prefect), Deeksha Sharma (Cauveri House Vice-Captain), Piyushi Agarwal (Godavari House Vice-Captain), Kartikay Kandpal (Sports Vice-Captain), Aditya Joshi ( Ganga House Vice-Captain) & Harshit Negi ( Narmada House Vice-Captain)
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